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park bench sponsorships

KEEPERS - Bench Bronze_edited.png

*Sample of bronze plaque

With nearly two miles of walkable trails throughout the scenic sanctuary grounds, there's a good reason we have over 14 park benches placed along the way! Our high-quality, eco-friendly benches offer a comfortable place for guests to take a pit-stop during their visit, and are strategically placed in prominent areas where visitors can relax and take in the surrounding beauty of the Keepers' Canyon and animal habitats. 

14 park benches are up for sponsorship! Your generous $1,500 donation will help cover the costs of new medical equipment  purchased for our onsite Santiago Animal Clinic, a state-of-the-art hospital where our animal residents visit for top-rate care. 

Your sponsorship will be commemorated by a permanent 2.5" X 10" bronze cast plaque with your name or chosen "in honor/memory of" message that will be secured to a park bench for guests to enjoy and admire for years and years to come. 

To help support the animals and their needs today, click here to order your commemorative bronze plaque. 

*Donations are tax-deductible by law. *Donors will recieve reciept of their purchase.

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