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Keepers of the Wild
Board of Directors, Financial Reports, and Annual Reports

2022 Comprehensive Annual Report

2024 Board of Directors


At Keepers of the Wild, we have high standards of ethics not just in the care and treatment of the animals, but in all things we do. Because of this, all of our board members serve voluntarily and receive no compensation for their roles. 

Furthermore, our CEO, President, and Vice President positions' annual salaries are based upon many deciding factors, the main being the organization's annual revenue and overall operating expenses. Much like we do not take in animals we cannot afford to support; we do not compensate our employees with inflated earnings we cannot support. Sustainability is our key focus. These same salaries are determined, voted on, and set forth by the acting Board of Directors under KOTW's Bylaws.


Lara Kraft, Chairwoman


Mimi Morissette, Vice-Chairwoman


Dwight Jory, Treasurer

Kelsey Burkett, Secretary

Theodora Jory, Director

Mike Daves, Director

James C. Burkett, Director

Charles Mc Haffie, Director


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