Meet Our Staff

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Founder, President, Executive Director

Jonathan Kraft, an animal behaviorist, established Keepers of the Wild as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal sanctuary in 1995. The nature park is currently located on 175 acres in Valentine, Arizona on historic Route 66.


Jonathan has worked with local, state, national, and international law enforcement and animal welfare agencies to assist with rescues, rehabilitation, and providing a life-long home to wild and exotic animals.


Jonathan’s high standards of animal care have earned numerous commendations and awards from organizations including Nevada Wildlife Federation, the S.P.C.A, the Humane Society, and Arizona’s Attorney’s and Sheriff’s Associations.


Jonathan has starred in movies and has been featured in a number of local, national, and international educational film projects, documentaries, news broadcasts, articles, and magazines. Highly regarded for his expertise with animals, Jonathan has served as an expert witness in court proceedings against animal abusers, worked as an independent consultant to other sanctuaries, and is a highly sought-after presenter for special speaking engagements. 

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Vice President, Chairwoman, PR & Social Media Director, Photographer

Lara, an Arizona native, is a life-long nature enthusiast and animal advocate whose love of wildlife inspired her to pursue photography from an early age.


Before joining Keepers of the Wild in 2017, Lara enjoyed a lengthy career in surgical coordination and technology followed by three years of educational program development and grant management for rural and underperforming schools.


Lara's role at Keepers has evolved over the years, beginning in the gift shop as a part-time employee who spent her lunch breaks walking the park falling in love with the animals.


Inspired by the mission of Keepers, Lara felt compelled to become more involved, so she became a full-time Keeper in animal care as well as the park photographer.


In 2019 Lara was promoted to Public Relations & Social Media Director, as well as Vice President, and in December of 2020 was elected as Board Chairwoman.


Chief Veterinarian

After making homes in California, Washington, and even Germany, Dr. Angone settled into the Kingman community in 2002 upon graduation from Washington State University-College of Veterinary Medicine. She began working at Kingman Animal Hospital at that time and in 2007, she partnered up with good friend and associate Ruby Duey and together bought KAH.

Interested in small animals, exotics, and emergency medicine, as well as soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, Dr. Angone has been an invaluable asset and partner to Keepers of the Wild for the past twenty years.


Dr. Angone serves as KOTW’s Chief Veterinarian, in charge of our on-site animal clinic designed specifically for both small and large animals. Her dedication and expertise have saved many of our animals’ lives and have enriched others with her knowledge and willingness to jump into action at any time.

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Park Manager

Prior to his time with Keepers, Matthew spent six years serving in the social work and healthcare fields, including work as a caregiver.

In early 2017, he started out part-time on weekends as an Animal Caretaker for Keepers of the Wild. Moved by seeing the needs of the elderly animals and witnessing the long-term health complications related to declawing procedures in big cats, it didn’t take long before the welfare of the animals became a passion for Matthew and he decided to dedicate his time and career to them by joining Keepers full-time.

Matthew continued to excel in his care and compassion for the animals and became an Animal Care Supervisor in late 2017. He became certified in immobilization, began working closely with veterinarians, and was an integral teammate in multiple animal rescues.

Having displayed both commitment and skills, Matthew was promoted to Park Manager in November of 2019.

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Animal Care Supervisor

April began working with Keepers of the Wild as a volunteer Animal Caretaker in February 2017 and joined the staff as a full-time employee by the end of March.

After about a year of hard work and dedication to learning the ins and outs of animal care, April began working with the big cats and became Animal Care Supervisor. Developing a deeper love and understanding for the animals in her care, April became inspired to pursue her bachelor’s degree in environmental science, with a focus on wildlife conservation.

April’s favorite part of working for Keepers is the wide variety of both animals and people she has the opportunity to work with- there’s never a dull moment!


Gift Shop Manager &

Office Assistant

Tiffany was born and raised in Arizona and discovered a few years ago that Keepers of the Wild was located just down the road from her home.  


The discovery prompted her to apply so she could become a member of the Keepers team, and in 2019 was hired as the Gift Shop Manager. After flourishing in her managerial role, she was promoted and is now both Gift Shop Manager and the primary Office Assistant. 


Tiffany enjoys spending early mornings and lunch breaks visiting and building bonds with the different animals we care for.

With a passion for the fair and ethical treatment of animals, Tiffany's ultimate goal is to earn her degree in zoology and use her knowledge to continue to advocate for animal welfare.

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