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Adopt-A-Fox Program

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Get ready for a heartwarming opportunity with Keepers of the Wild's extraordinary Adopt-A-Fox Program! It's an unparalleled chance to form an enduring connection with one of our charming foxes living at our esteemed wildlife sanctuary. Hurry, 12 lovable foxes are wagging their tails in anticipation of being christened by you as sponsors! 


Naming a fox is not simply about choosing a name that strikes your fancy; it’s about making an invaluable contribution and leaving an imprint on their journey at the sanctuary. As part of this delightful exchange, you'll receive our official Adopt-A-Fox Box, which includes a Certificate of Name Registration—customized just for you.


Each Adopt-A-Fox Box includes unique gifts that will be sure to bring forth smiles. You’ll get a professional photograph captured by Vice President Lara Kraft herself – won't it be great to have up-close visuals of your named companion? Plus, mark reminders and create plans using none other than KOTW official calendars straight from 2024 AND 2025, also including original photos by Lara!


As if these keepsakes weren't enticing enough, we'll add extra sparkle to your day by including a cute plushy fox —just imagine cozy cuddling sessions with a little fox while reflecting upon your noble gesture towards its real-life counterpart.


And because surprises make everything better, we’ve saved the best for last—be prepared to unbox another surprise gift! Excited much? We bet! Let’s start turning pages in the storybook destined between you and our furry friend waiting eagerly at Keepers Of The Wild.



Don’t let this chance slip away – join our Adopt-A-Fox Program today and be a part of something truly special. Your support will make a world of difference to these beautiful creatures and help provide them with the care and love they deserve.


So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and become a proud sponsor of one of our charming foxes at Keepers of the Wild. Your heart will be filled with warmth and joy knowing that you have made a positive impact on the life of a precious fox.

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