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Open to the public Wednesday through Monday, 9 am to 5 pm (AZ time), closed Tuesdays.

Embark on a wild journey through a picturesque 175-acre canyon in Valentine, AZ-

the heart of Historic Route 66 .

Just 20 minutes east of Kingman, AZ,  you’ll see in close range over 130 wild animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, bears, leopards, primates, and various wildlife indigenous to the beautiful Southwest.



Experience a memorable hour and fifteen-minute safari hosted by a knowledgeable Keeper who will drive you through the park while sharing fun, interesting and heart-felt accounts of how our beloved rescued animals came to call Keepers of the Wild home.
You won't want to miss the daily Guided Feeding Tour at 3:30 pm to witness the big cats and carnivores devour their dinner just feet away!

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There are many ways you can help us provide outstanding care to our current animals as well as help save future wildlife in need.

Visitors are wild about keepers...

About Us

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Established in 1995 by founder and director Jonathan Kraft, Keepers of the Wild nature park is a forever home to rescued captive wildlife.

Our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is dedicated to protecting abused, neglected, abandoned, and retired captive wildlife, providing the best standard of care, and helping enforce the humane treatment of all animals through education and public awareness.

As Keepers, we seek to alleviate all animal's suffering and help eliminate the use of wild animals as pets and their exploitation in show business. The preservation and protection of wildlife and the environment are paramount in our goals.

 To help fulfill this mission, our three-fold goals are:
1) Set new standards for the ethical treatment of exotic and wild animals.
2) Educate the public about exotic and wild animals.
3) Advocate for the protection from illegal breeding and pet trade that perpetuates a cycle of exploitation of these animals.


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13441 E Hwy 66

Valentine, AZ 86437

Tel: 928-769-1800

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