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Looking to make a difference in the lives of wild animals? Join our animal sponsorship program at Keepers of the Wild accredited wildlife sanctuary. From majestic predators to tiny creatures, we have a wide range of animals in need of your support.


By becoming a sponsor, you can help provide food, medical care, and enriching activities for your chosen animal. Whether you have a soft spot for primates swinging through the trees or adorable prairie dogs popping in and out of their burrows, there's a furry friend waiting for your help.


Be a hero to these beautiful creatures and make a lasting impact on their lives. Your generosity will not only save a life but also support the important conservation and education efforts of our sanctuary.


Join us in protecting and caring for these amazing animals. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for wildlife. Sign up for an animal sponsorship today and be a part of something truly special.



  • Inherent Gratification from Contributing to a Worthy Cause

  • Choice of Animal Species

  • Personalized Sponsorship Certificate 

  • Professional 8X10 Photo of Your Sponsored Animal by Lara Kraft

  • FREE 2025 Special Edition "Hidden Gems" 2025 KOTW Calendar by Lara Kraft

Click here to become a sponsor today: SPONSOR AN ANIMAL

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