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The Adopt-A-Fox  Sponsorship Box offers a unique and meaningful way to create a bond and lasting legacy with one of our foxes. The package includes the opportunity to choose a name for the fox, which must be approved by KOTW. You will also receive a Certificate of Name Registration customized just for you, as well as a professional 8X10 photo of the fox taken by our Vice President, Lara Kraft. In addition, you will receive the 2024 and 2025 KOTW Calendar, a plush fox, and a surprise gift. This sponsorship program not only supports the care of the foxes at our sanctuary, but it also allows you to connect with and make a personalized impact on the life of one of these beautiful creatures.

Hurry- these 12 adorable foxes can't wait to be named! SPONSORSHIP DEADLINE: MONDAY, JULY 8TH, 20204

Adopt-A-Fox Box

1 250,00$Prix
  • Sponsors may choose one male or one female fox to sponsor per "adoption". Limit one name per sponsorship. All names must be approved by Keepers of the Wild. Any inappropriate names will be denied and a full refund will be issued. Upon the passing of an "adopted" animal, sponsors will be notified by KOTW. 

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